About us

We are UK based company based in Greater Manchester specialized in firewood retail. We are approved Buy Firewood Direct LTD re-seller, operate trough independent online store. We use same carriers and share front customer service point, so for all enquirers please email us direct and we will be back to you same day.

All our firewood products are kiln dried as per highest standards and represent very good value for money. For easier use, all our products are split into 3 categories, kiln dried ash/oak,kiln dried birch and kiln dried mixed species, and under each category we offering selection of pallet size. All our firewood pallets before leaving the distribution hub are shrink wrapped, providing that logs arrive as per highest standards. All our deliveries are done most of the cased with the 18 tonne vehicles with the tail lift and pallet truck, trucks are about the same size as waste collection vehicles.